Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gone Fish'N Tackle Co. - Assemble Fishing Flys

GONE FISH'N TACKLE CO., 3267 Bee Caves Rd # 107-185, Austin TX 78746: 512-420-0156: Our company is in the fishing business. We assemble a variety of flys used when fly-fishing. We are always considering new products, but these are our main products at this time. The work is simple, pleasant, and anyone can do it. You may assemble as few or as many as you wish. If you make 300 flys, you get paid $150. If you make 1000 flys, you get paid $500 by following our simple instructions. We pay 50 Cents for each assembled fly. After you get some experience it is realistic to make 20 to 40 flys per hour.

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Unknown said...

I am interested in this but i cannot get to the gone fishing site?