Monday, December 8, 2008

JD's Key Chains

JD's KEYCHAINS INC., P.O. BOX 508, Florence MS 39073: 877-203-8956: JDs Keychains is a Christian based company. We run our company with biblical values, ethics and morals. We are a member of the Rankin County Chamber of Commerce. We have been in business for five years. This project is small enough that you can take it with you and make Key Chains while waiting for an appointment or riding in the car. THEY ARE EASY TO DO. J.D.'S KEY CHAINS are made with 2-ply 100% nylon plastic canvas yarn. We pay $110.00 for one unit of sixty quality Key Chains made to our specifications, $15.00 for supplies and up to $5.00 for shipping. YOU CAN MAKE UP TO $390.00 A WEEK! Any store that carries craft supplies should have the materials needed to make our Key Chains.

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